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What makes a dogfood premium ?

February 20, 2017 / 09:10:16

This topic has always been an issue for debate among dog-owners, pet store-owners and producers of dogfoods. While it is generally perceived and accepted that premium implies high-quality content of the food to maintain proper health for your dog, a recent market survey has shown that some so-called premium dog foods are merely expensive, but the content is not highly nutritious as expected. This observed trend thereby strikes a question "What is a premium dog food?". It is worthy of mention that there are two globally accepted classes of dogfoods- the traditional or commercial dog foods and the premium dog foods.

Premium Dog Food

Premium diets are typically formulated to meet or exceed AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials )standards and are considered to be 100% organic. Premium dog foods should not contain growth hormone, artificial flavours, preservatives, fillers or synthetic colours. Rather it should contain fat, carbohydrates and protein from beef of poultry birds, with protein having the highest percentage of all the base ingredients. They surely are the most healthy-healthy choice for your pet's food. Reviews from dog-owners confirmed that a healthier diet might lead to fewer medical issues making the premium prices a meaningful investment in dog health in the long run. Owners of dogs love the way their dogs enjoy and digest the nutritious content of premium ingredients carefully sourced to prepare the foods. This food is balanced in composition and suitable for dogs with particular need, rare medical conditions and allergies.

However, the critical constraint to the purchase of premium dog food is its exorbitant price. While some feel it is too pricy, others agree that it is worth the pay as long as the USDA requirements have been passed. Some manufacturer's only paraded their products as premium with fancy packaging to attract buyers as, but a thorough investigation shows that the nutrition level isn't what is expected.

Traditonal Dog Food

Traditional dogfoods are considered to be low-end food which range from grains, wet or dry foods, chicken or beef. They are generally referred to the commercial brands because of their relatively low price, ease of storage and purchase, availability. All in all, a lot of convenience comes with purchasing commercial. On the other hand, the truth about these traditional foods is in its label. Due to the extensive shelf-life of this class of dogfoods, they contain highly processed ingredients, colorings, preservatives and so on which are detrimental and injurious to the health of your beloved pet dog sooner or later. Studies have shown that diet plays a significant role in determining the lifespan of the dog.


Fillers Yes No
Artificial Yes No
Flavours Yes No
Preservatives Yes No
Vet- Formulated No Yes
Easily Digestible No Yes
Ethically Sourced No Yes

In conclusion, it an established fact that healthier food is determined by content and not how much it cost. It can also lead to less medical bills, so it’s essential to pick brands that deliver on what they say.

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